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The World Street Federation

You have more than 101 countries represented around the world

About us

The World Federation Street Fighter was founded in 2005 by its founder and global president Kyoshi Dr. Seyed Hassan Tayebi, and so far has more than 101 real, legal, legal and official representatives around the world.


International appointment

Introduction of members

Global Vice President of the Board of Directors

Grandmaster Seyed Ali Tayibi

Vice President Secretary General

Grandmaster Dr. Hamid Gholizadeh

World Women's Vice President

Top Master Melika Hekmat

Founder and President

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Grandmaster Dr. Seyed Hassan Tayebi

The latest articles

Registration of the World Street Fighter Federation in the most prestigious confederations of the world
The permanent appointment of the Secretary General of three prestigious global confederations in the world
Dr. Seyed Hassan Tayebi

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